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Where To Order A T-Shirt Quilt

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Hey, y’all! One of the most special gifts that I have ever received was a t-shirt quilt made from my late father’s old ball uniforms. My grandmother Judy gifted both my sister and myself one the first Christmas after he passed; I still cherish it to this day. That’s why I love the idea of t-shirt quilts: they are a wonderful, utilitarian way to preserve memories for a lifetime — and I’m excited to be telling y’all where to order a keepsake t-shirt quilt today! Thank you, Campus Quilt, for sponsoring this post.

Where To Order A Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt

Where To Order A Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt

Your t-shirts – and your memories – are priceless, y’all. If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to turn these over to another party and to trust them fully. That’s why I’m preaching the gospel of Campus Quilt today. Their product, their customer service, and their work is second to none. You can learn more about Campus Quilt and begin your order here.

Where To Order A Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt

About Campus Quilt

Campus Quilt started as a thesis project for owner Leigh Lowe during her MBA program in 2000. Now, it’s a full-fledged company that aims to turn old (especially keepsake!) clothing items into lasting memories in the form of quilts + bedspreads.

My Campus Quilt

I decided to partner with Campus Quilt to make a quilt of my college t-shirts from my alma mater, Centre College. These shirts embody the progression of four of the best years of my life. I’ll understate: I would have been a nervous wreck to hand over these shirts to any other company, as they are priceless to me. The best part? I now get to enjoy the shirts in the form of a quilt in my den each and every day!

Where To Order A Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt

One of my favorite features of Campus Quilt is their ability to embroider/monogram. I am a southerner after all, y’all! I chose to have “Centre College Class of 2016” on my quilt, which was the perfect way to finish off a gorgeous product.

Specs: Each line may have up to 15 letters or spaces. The maximum height on the embroidered letters is approximately 1″ tall. Embroidery may be done on the front or back of the quilt or in any square. Several fonts and monograms are available.

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Why Choose Campus Quilt

  1. Quilting: Many companies that produce t-shirt quilts return products that aren’t, in fact, quilted. Yes, you read that correctly. They simply sew the squares together and then sew the perimeter of the quilt onto the backing. This won’t happen at Campus Quilt, as they use a long-arm quilting machine to quilt a pattern throughout the entire quilt. When you are turning over items that are priceless, it’s important to know that they are being properly handled with care.
  2. Corner Alignment: Campus Quilt’s expert quilters work very hard to ensure the best alignment of your t-shirts. This means the difference between a quilt that looks crooked and sloppy and a quilt that is beautiful and square when laid flat. It is attention to detail that distinguishes a Campus Quilt, a fact that I fully endorse.
  3. Special Services + Customizations: They are willing to sew anything on a quilt, practically, that they can get a needle through. I appreciate that fact + know that they will do a wonderful job customizing your quilt, just as they did mine!
  4. Speed: Campus Quilt can usually return a quilt to a customer within two to four weeks of receipt of shirts, depending on the services required. They also try extra hard to meet special occasion deadlines!
  5. Customer Service: The customer service at Campus Quilt was, simply put, exemplary. They answered all of my questions and concerns, along with providing suggestions on the specs of the quilt to best suit my needs. How fabulous is that?
  6. Affordability: With all these great features, you would expect Campus Quilts to be expensive…but for about the same price of a standard department store blanket, you can have a customized, well-made Campus Quilt. It’s an investment that you will enjoy for a lifetime, y’all!

Order Campus Quilt

If you are in the market for a t-shirt quilt, look no further than Campus Quilt. They are local to Louisville, KY, proudly an American company, and do wonderful work. Campus Quilts receive my highest level of endorsement!

To begin your Campus Quilt order, click here.

Where To Order A Keepsake T-Shirt Quilt

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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Some photos courtesy of Strawberry Lane Photography.

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