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An Interview With MK Hennigan

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Hey, y’all! Pimento cheese is sometimes referred to as the “pâté of the south” and/or the “caviar of the south”. While it is certainly both of those things, it is also – simply put – my favorite food. As such, I’m excited to share Kentucky’s Best New-to-Market Pimento Cheese (and the creator) with you today. Please enjoy reading this Interview With MK Hennigan.

An Interview With MK Hennigan, Creator of Kentucky’s Best New-to-Market Pimento Cheese

The powerhouse behind the pimento cheese? In the Curious Kitchen, a Kentucky-based blog + brand curated by MK Hennigan. I had the privilege of interviewing MK, which you will find below.

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In the Curious Kitchen Pimento Cheese
Photo by MK Hennigan

1. First, would you introduce yourself and tell us what you do? 

Hey, y’all! I am MK Hennigan and I am the founder of In the Curious Kitchen. I create tasty bites and tipsy drinks inspired by my Southern roots. Fueled by bourbon, pimento cheese and biscuits.

2. What brought you to the food world? 

My Grandmother and Mom showed me that through food you could not only nourish bellies but foster friendships, strength family bonds and share your soul through the food you shared with others.

3. Favorite memory with food? 

I have two distinct memories: one with my grandmother making pimento cheese that we would later enjoy on saltine crackers and the other with my Mom making Christmas dinner for our family.

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4. What was the inspiration for your pimento cheese?

Every good recipe has its roots. Here’s the tale of my Pimento Cheese. For starters: it’s my grandmother’s recipe, one she never wrote down. Together, we made it hundreds of times, her measurements spoken in a bit of this, and just a touch of that. “Not too much, now, MK,” she’d say. Storied hands and a wooden spoon, stirring. It was our family staple. In honor of my grandmother, with only memories as a measuring spoon, I’ve recreated her recipe. It was first made in her North Carolina kitchen with me standing on a chair. Now, it’s made in the heart of my Curious Kitchen. Small batch. Big story. Serve with laughter and those you love…and a cracker, too.

5. Apart from pimento cheese, what’s your favorite southern food? 

Country Ham.

6. Where can we find In The Curious Kitchen products?

JC’s Note

Pimento cheese is a weekly staple in my home — and MK’s recipe is simply outstanding. It embodies many of the flavors that I think embody the most immaculate southern “caviar”. I know you all will love it, too. While you can shop her products, including the pimento cheese, at the above link (also linked here) — I encourage you to follow MK online, as she also shares the locations that carry her pimento cheese + the events that she sells her product at in-person.

Follow MK on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Purchase her pimento cheese here.

Enjoy reading my Interview with MK Hennigan? Read my other blog posts here.
An Interview With MK Hennigan
Photo by Ella Barnes

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